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Cookware so cool you won't want it concealed in a cupboard

2018 Tips

Have you ever found yourself searching through a cupboard filled with the same old pots and pans, nothing special and looking a little lacklustre?
Here at SQ Professional, we have a range of cookware so stunning you won't want it hidden away in a cupboard.
So it's time to put up a pots and pans rack in the kitchen because you’re about to install a piece of art with your kitchenware.


Cool Cookware 1 First on the list, it has to be Nessa Granum. These Instagram ready stockpots are designed for the adventurous trendsetters. The standout granite effect comes in a bold range of colours, sure to make a statement in the kitchen. Besides looking so striking, the fact they are coated with an incredible non-stick coating means that cleaning and keeping them looking exceptional is easier than ever!

Cool Cookware 2Next up it’s the Gems Metallic Saucepans. High shine metallic surfaces, sleek stainless steel bodies, all in a choice of seven standout colours, it’s easy to see why these spectacular saucepans have made the list. Not only is stainless steel cookware beautiful, its non-reactive qualities means you will never compromise on taste, making it the chef’s choice of material. Cooking has never been quite so cool.

Cool Cookware 3Lastly, but by no means least, it simply must be Nea Seramiq Stockpots. Where do we start with why these stockpots are so exceptional? The forward-thinking, high fashion colour choices? Maybe the fact they boast an unprecedentedly smooth ceramic coating? Perhaps we could start with their contemporary and chic design? No matter where we begin, you can see for yourself why Nea Seramiq Stockpots have homeware bloggers and cookware enthusiasts so excited!

So if the time has come to revamp not only your kitchenware but your entire kitchen, SQ Professional have you covered with the most unique cookware on the market.