Galaxis Range - Vela Milk Pans

Sq Professional - Galaxis Range - Vela Milk Pans

Galaxis Range - Vela Milk Pans

Crafted from high quality aluminium, the Vela milk pan heats up quickly and cools down quickly once taken off the heat. This allows the contents to be heated efficiently yet still allowing you to stop overly high temperatures and avoid liquids from bubbling over the sides.

Perfect for preparing sauces, heating milk the traditional way or cooking smaller fare such as peas or eggs, you will be sure to reach for this remarkably handy little pan every day.

A wooden handle offers practicality and helps to protect against burns. The lipped edge makes it perfect for heating and pouring straight from the pan, so it’s easier than ever to prepare and serve!

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
15 cm 1.2 Litre
17 cm 1.7 Litre
20 cm 2.7 Litre
23 cm 3.7 Litre
Product code:
15 cm 6434
17 cm 6435
20 cm 6436
23 cm 6437


Sq Professional - Galaxis Range - Vela Milk Pans