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Welcome to SQ Professional Limited

History & Mission


SQ Professional Vision

SQ Professional started off with a clear vision: offer something to make life more pleasurable and stress-free, for prices everyone can afford.
Since then we have quickly risen to prominence, proudly becoming specialists in kitchenware.


With almost twenty years of experience, SQ Professional presents an innovative collection of kitchenware and homeware. Two decades ago, individuals were spending substantial amounts at upscale stores for renowned brands, with the only alternative being unbranded, low-quality products. SQ Professional aimed to provide affordability while prioritising enduring quality.

As the United Kingdom emerged from the 2008 recession, SQ Professional observed a distinct shift in people's preferences for their living spaces. Kitchenware items evolved into stylish focal points, comparable to decorative or artistic pieces. In a desire to offer tasteful, vibrant and budget-friendly options, SQ Professional was among the pioneers introducing a selection of seven colour options across its products. Consequently, individuals could revitalise their living spaces with a burst of colour, turning their houses into homes. Following the tremendous success of lively and timeless kitchenware collections, SQ Professional naturally expanded into bathroom, homecare and additional homeware lines, maintaining the same commitment to quality and style.

In everyday modern life, SQ Professional emerged not just as a provider of products but as a curator of lifestyles. The brand's narrative extended beyond just providing items; it became a reflection of individual tastes, a celebration of personal style. With a rich history of innovation and a future assured for even greater accomplishments, SQ Professional continues to shape the landscapes of modern living with its fusion of quality, style and vibrancy that defined its identity.


SQ Professional mission is dedication to consistent delivery of the highest level of service to customers, suppliers and consumers.

With a commitment to efficiency, whether you're ordering one or a thousand items, SQ Professional ensures next-day delivery, going above and beyond to meet your expectations. The highly specialised sales team operates on the principle that you'll never be pushed to buy something you can't sell.

Sales at SQ Professional are not about making transactions for the sake of it; the focus is on collaborative efforts with you to develop products, taking the time to truly understand your needs. SQ Professional ensures that the products offered align with your expectations, creating a foundation for lasting and fruitful partnerships. This commitment to partnership extends to suppliers, with non-credit and no-sale return arrangements, preventing unnecessary time and cost expenditures. Additionally, all SQ Professional products are backed by a guarantee, a testament to the enduring quality and longevity of SQ Professional's products.

The inspiration for new products arises not only from a deep understanding of your requirements but also from the team's expertise in trends and seasonal styles. SQ Professional remains dedicated to offering a broad range of expertly designed, high-quality products at competitive prices.

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