Blitz range - Meat Grinder


Blitz - Meat Grinder

The SQ Professional Meat Grinder is the fast, efficient and practical way to prepare freshly ground meat from home.

Take control of what goes in to your food, unlike processed meals, you can now prepare a huge array of fresh meals including homemade burgers, sausages and kibbe just the way you like them. An essential appliance for every kitchen, the powerful 1400w low noise motor and premium steel cutting blades will transform the way you prepare food.

With three mincing disks, fine, medium and course, plus attachments for preparing kibbe and sausages, you will find yourself using this versatile meat grinder day in, day out.

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Size & Capacity:
1400 Watts
Product code:
Black 5673
Slate 5674
Red 5675


Blitz range - Superblend II - Box