Blitz range - Microwave Oven 20L


Blitz - Microwave Oven 20L

The classic design combined with effortless functionality is what makes the SQ Professional 20L microwave oven perfect for any kitchen.

Defrost your food in no time and cook delicious meals in minutes. Features include a 20 litre cavity which comfortably fits a standard dinner plate and a glass turn-table, which is removable for easy cleaning.

Adjustable time, weight and 5 power levels rotary controls, combined with powerful 700W output, ensure high performance when reheating and defrosting. This means you can tailor your settings to cook a variety of culinary delights in a matter of minutes!

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Size & Capacity:
20 Litre 700W W45.5 x L34.5 x H26.5cm
Product code:
Black 5642
Red 5643
White 9230


Blitz range - Microwave Oven 20L - Box


Main view

Sq Professional - Blitz range - Microwave Oven 20L