Blitz range - Mini Chopper


Blitz - Mini Chopper

Mini Blitz Chopper works quickly and efficiently, chopping with ease. Its sharp stainless steel blade ensures perfect result every time.

A 300W motor and simple one-touch control makes it easier than ever to use.
A sturdy glass bowl with measurement marks helps you chop the perfect amount every time. While breezing through an endless of ingredients such as Onions, garlic and herbs, it saves you valuable time and energy.

Prepare salsas and dips in seconds! Make life simpler with the Mini Blitz Chopper.

Click here to download the Instruction Manual.

Size & Capacity:
250gr/600ml 300W
Product code:
Black 5690
Red 5691
Green 5692


Blitz range - Mini Chopper - Box


Main view

Sq Professional - Blitz range - Mini Chopper